Editor's Note: E Pluribus Unum

We’re all born with millions of years of human evolution imprinted on our souls and before Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade began their celebrity immortalization, someone saw the spark of wholeness in them. Them being us, us being them. E pluribus unum.

Men in the Spiked Steel Boots: Living My Anxiety

Panic attacks creep into my existence when I’m sixteen. It starts with shooting pains in my chest — feels like hundreds of tiny men wearing spiked, steel boots are stomping on my heart. Each step sends piercing pain throughout my chest. The pain alerts every sense I have.

How I (sometimes) Overcome Mental Illness

I share my story with you because I’ve learned not be ashamed of my weaknesses, but to embrace them. I choose to encourage, uplift and inspire others to do great things no matter what their challenges may be. After all, this is what Today I Will Achieve is all about.

Disarming Shame - Breaking the Silence

Shame decreases with acceptance, acceptance that you cannot change what happened to you in your past or who you are.

I am a mental health professional who has also struggled with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and amnesia dissociation throughout my life.

Modern Day Superheroes: Your Story Is Your Superpower

You are staring down the tunnel of irrationality. Worry begins to take hold. It’s almost as if you are watching a movie of your life. Your mind convinces you that anything bad that can happen, can and will. You obsessively play these situations over and over in your mind. Your efforts are powerless to do anything about it. Beyond the tunnel is rationality. And you know it is there.

Making Yourself Priority #1: It's Not Selfish, It's Self-Care

My name is Emily, I’m 26 and I live in England with my fiancé and two cats. I am a Pilates teacher and I have my own online Pilates, Nutrition and Wellness business that encourages people to put themselves at the top of their priority list no matter where they are or how much time they have on their hands. I am passionate about working with my clients to enable them to live a life of balance, ditching diet mindsets and creating a better relationship with food, exercise and our bodies.

What Is Stopping You from Being Happy?

I began to work on my mindset and my beliefs. I looked closely at the way I spoke to myself and how I looked at the world around me. Did I see the glass half full or half empty? Was the path ahead of me full of obstacles or new, exciting possibilities? I started meditating more often and being more mindful about what was going on around and inside of me. I started saying “no” to people without feeling guilty. I started expressing my gratitude for little things like my healthy body or a tasty meal I had the day before.

5 Things I Learned from Living with Mental Illness

Having a mental illness does change you. For me, I thought that this change was bad. At first, I didn’t embrace it at all. I denied it, pushed it away, and avoided it at all cost. But, little by little, I decided that I had to embraced the change. I had to change my perspective, and I came to the realization that my life and myself were different, but not bad. I needed to get to know me.

Why I Can't Stay Silent About My Depression

Dealing with my diagnosis was the worst part of my recovery; not because I was a stranger to the word “depression,” but because I was terrified of it. Terrified of what people would think of me; terrified of what I had become; terrified that I had let myself slip into this trap and that I couldn’t get out of it. The guilt that I had let myself become depressed kept me up night, poisoned my every thought, and, most importantly, stopped me from healing.

Why We Need to Break the Stigma Against Mental Illness Now

When you have the common cold, what happens? Internally you have sniffles, a headache, coughing, the dreaded, clogged sinuses, accompanied with the endless runny nose. Externally? You hear, "Awe! Feel better.” “Do you need some cough medicine?” “Tea will help!" Why? Because the common cold is accepted. It is merely a virus that runs rampant for a few days, uncontrollable until your immune system hails a charge after calling in the cavalry, crushing the virus beneath its swarm of T-cells.